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Day 1

Muscat- Bimah Sinkhole – Wadi Tiwi- Sur -Ras Al Jinz (Turtle Watching) – Muscat

Starting from Muscat, you drive to Ras Al Jinz the east point on the Arabian Half island, you will have a stop at Bimah Sinkhole which is offering an unforgettable swim in the beautiful turquoise natural swimming pool. Continue to the green Wadi Tiwi with its inviting oases where you have a bite and the chance to walk.

Thereafter, you stop by Bibi Maryam the remains of the ancient City Qualhat, before reaching Sur. The city was a center for manufacturing the old stile boats (Daw) you will have a city tour, see the boat factory and the old ship ( Fatg El Keer). After driving 40 Km further you reach Ras El Jinz, the national park of the turtles.

With a bit of Luck you can see them in their natural environment which will be highly interesting as they are night active animals. A perfect opportunity to go there with in an RV as you don’t need to rush back to Muscat in the middle of the night, but can enjoy the beach of Ras Al Jinz with its breathtaking sunrise, have a romantic dinner and a relaxed sleep. After a healthy and cost breakfast you drive back to Muscat.

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Day 2

Ras Al Had -Sur – Wadi Bani Khalid – Wahiba Sands /  Approx. 180 km

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Day 3

Wahiba Sands  – Ibra – Sinaw – Birket El Mouz  –  Jabal Akhdar / Approx.  240 km


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Day 4

Jabal Akhdar – Nizwa – Jebreen -Bahla – Al Hamra / Approx.  150 km

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Day 5

Al Hamra – Ibri – Bat Tomps – Rustaq / Approx.  200 km

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Day 6

Rustaq – Nakhal – Barka – Muskat / Approx.  180km

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