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Tour 1

Muscat- Bimah Sinkhole – Wadi Tiwi- Sur -Ras Al Jinz (Turtle Watching) – Muscat

Starting from Muscat, you drive to Ras Al Jinz the east point on the Arabian Half island, you will have a stop at Bimah Sinkhole which is offering an unforgettable swim in the beautiful turquoise natural swimming pool. Continue to the green Wadi Tiwi with its inviting oases where you have a bite and the chance to walk.

Thereafter, you stop by Bibi Maryam the remains of the ancient City Qualhat, before reaching Sur. The city was a center for manufacturing the old stile boats (Daw) you will have a city tour, see the boat factory and the old ship ( Fatg El Keer). After driving 40 Km further you reach Ras El Jinz, the national park of the turtles.

With a bit of Luck you can see them in their natural environment which will be highly interesting as they are night active animals. A perfect opportunity to go there with in an RV as you don’t need to rush back to Muscat in the middle of the night, but can enjoy the beach of Ras Al Jinz with its breathtaking sunrise, have a romantic dinner and a relaxed sleep. After a healthy and cost breakfast you drive back to Muscat.

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Tour 2

Muscat – Ibra – Wahiba Sand – Wadi Bani Kahlid – Muscat

Driving from Muscat towards Ibra, you will have a stop by the old city of Mansifa, visiting the old clay houses and one of the Sultan’s favorite villages. This part of Ibra is a good example of the old architectural style (the houses are close to 300 years old). Every Wednesday is the Women Market day where the merchants and clients are women – in the past Men were banned from this market and used to meet in a nearby coffee shop to enjoy a chat. From there, you continue the discovery trip to the desert (Wahiba Sands).

In the Wahiba Sands you have the possibility to ride a Camel (optional ) enjoy the drive through the elevation whose shapes of the dunes change, their colors change with the hours as well, from white in the morning to ocher, almost red in the afternoon. You will have an outstanding experience of spending your night watching the stars.

After your breakfast in the morning you have an unforgettable swim in Wadi Bani Khaled, in the middle of an amazing landscape and later drive back to Muscat.

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Tour 3

Muscat – Jabreen – Bahla – Al Hamra – Nizwa – Muscat


Driving from Muscat towards Jabreen, the most beautiful castle in Oman, with its rich engravings and mural paintings! After that you will stop at Bahla Castle, the oldest and biggest fortress in all Oman and a UNESCO world heritage site, followed by visiting Al Hamra; an old Village – a live example how Oman’s population lived in previous centuries.

You have the opportunity to admin the noble houses with their three stores leaded by your guide. Some of these houses are several hundred years old. Next day you visit Nizwa, the former capital and religious center of Oman! On each Friday – and it will be a highlight for your trip- they are organizing the Animal Market, where people from the region are buying and selling all sorts of kettle.

Thereafter, take your time to stroll through the vegetable, silver and general markets before you enter Nizwa fort with its round Tower and Oman’s most visited national monument and after that, drive Back to Muscat.

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